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Computer Worm : Definition and How to Prevent it

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Computer worm is a computer program that is designed to replicate itself without any user intervention and interaction. It uses a network to send copies of itself to other network / nodes automatically, commonly computer worms can replicate in great volume and spread very quickly.

Computer Worms, one of virus type that spread automatically, irrespective of human behavior and by exploiting bugs in applications that are connected to the internet, such as Code Red, Nimda and Slammer.

There are several types of Computer Worms that we can be grouped based on the way to spread and replicate itself.

  1. E-Mail Worms, it spreading goes via infected e-mail messages. It’s include in an attachment of e-mail message or link to an infected website. E-mail Worms will activation when the user clicks on the attachment or the link in the e-mail message.
  2. Instant Messaging Worms. A Computer Worms that is spreading used via instant messaging applications by sending links to infected websites to everyone on the local contact list.
  3. Internet Worms. These type of Computer worms will scan all available network resources using local operating system services and/or scan the Internet for vulnerable machines. Attempt will be made to connect to these machines and gain full access to them.
  4. IRC Worms. Char channels are the main target of these Worms. It’s spreading method by sending infected files or links to infected websites.
  5. File Sharing Networks Worms. It will Copies itself into a shared folder, most likely located on the local machine. The worm will place a copy of itself in a shared folder under a harmless name. Now the worm is ready for download via the P2P network and spreading of the infected file will continue.

Computer Worms area basically impossible for end users to prevent. Computer Worms usually exploit newly application and network vulnerabilities that are either unpatched by vendor. When they attack extremely common systems like Windows or Linux, they spread very quickly and can cause enormous damage before they’re stopped.

So, how to prevent it ..? Here are some step to defend against Computer Worms :

  1. Stay up to date on patches and security fixes for all our public computers desktop and server. All vendor software application must recommend that we are using automatic updates for any application in our computers. If we use Microsoft Windows Operating System, we must schedule for a nightly reboot to make sure that patches become effective as quickly as possible.
  2. Use a high quality firewall and keep client and server behind firewalls.
  3. Run only those services our intend to provide on public server and don’t just install everything for the sake of convenience when set up public server.
  4. Use Anti Virus Software and keep updated Anti Virus Software form a trusted sources.
  5. Use strong passwords, especially on our network resources.

Mohamad Widodo

Mohamad Widodo

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