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Guidelines Basic Security Policy of the Web Services

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If we want to build an enterprise web application services, we should not only focus on the features but the most important is to create the availability and security of the web application services. We also must focus to make good overall web services security. Many people focus only on the security mechanisms to make web application more secure. Security mechanisms are only valuable if they are part of an overall security fabric that provides the level of protection both desired and thought to be in place. It’s important that an enterprise’s security policy be comprehensive and thorough. So, It’s developing good policies more important that must provide for enterprise’s security strategy. … continue reading : Guidelines Basic Security Policy of the Web Services.

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Security Challenges of the Web Application Service

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An enterprise web application service, we can configure and use a web application services in many ways. See detail at Introduction and Guide How to Build Web Application Service, find more about many ways that can be used to provide web application services. In this discussion, we must give more attention about security of web application services. Each of ways to build web application services has unique security challenges. Whatever way we take to build web application services. … continue reading : Security Challenges of the Web Application Service.

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