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Virtualmin Multiple Vulnerabilities

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Virtualmin is one of the famous web hosting management or web server control panel based on Webmin. It’s offers a wide array of productivity enhancing tools for hosting providers, web developers, web designers and end users. With Virtualmin, we can manage our virtual domains, mailboxes, databases, application and entire server resources from one comprehensive interface.

In July 14, 2009, Filip Palian has discovered multiple vulnerabilities, such unprivileged port use, cross side scripting / xss, anonymous proxy, information disclousure and symlink attacks. … continue reading : Virtualmin Multiple Vulnerabilities.

15 July 2009 at 16:30 - Comments

Artofdefence Hyperguard Vulnerability

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Hyperguard is a latest-generation enterprise Web application firewall with attack detection and attack protection functions that are freely configurable. Hyperguard enables centralized security monitoring, reporting and alerting and provides custom protection for your Web applications against external attacks. Hyperguard is a software-based web application firewall that is intended to be installed directly on the web server to be protected. It acts as a plugin that integrates into the web server.


Hyperguard has a modular design that enables different components to be operated on different servers and therefore work in cluster environments. It is for example possible to protect several web servers using multiple instances of Hyperguard on different machines while all configuration and monitoring can be done on a single master host. Hyperguard is divided into three components. … continue reading : Artofdefence Hyperguard Vulnerability.

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Radware AppWall : Feature and Vulnerability Review

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Radware AppWall is a web application firewall ( WAF ), designed and marketed by Radware. It’s design to make the secure web application and prevent data theft and manipulation of private / sensitive corporate and customer information by attackers. It enables PCI compliance by mitigating Web application security threats and vulnerabilities to prevent data theft and manipulation of sensitive corporate and customer information. AppWall incorporates advanced, patent-protected Web application security filtering technologies to seamlessly detect threats, block attacks and report events.
… continue reading : Radware AppWall : Feature and Vulnerability Review.

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