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Basic User Linux Security

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All Administrator for Linux security reasons, Linux / Ubuntu server disabling the root user, it doesn’t even have a password , so we can not login as root so we do finish the installation system, because the root has rights to the infinite and to reduce the risk of error due to the usage rights as root.
How about a task which can only be run using the root user? On Linux in general, especialy of the Ubuntu Server, introduced with the use of sudo mechanism. The idea of sudo can be described that task - a task which can only be run by root can be defined specifically for a previous user of a given authority. Because sudo is the basic mechanism on Ubuntu to perform tasks that normally are reserved for root only, after a normal installation every administration tasks is performed that way.For example to run the shutdown command, is generally the root user has authority to run it but we can define on a particular user to run. The user is authorized to run commands with sudo. Define the commands and the user is authorized to run sudo then we need to do edit the file / etc / sudoers. We can use our favorite editor to do it, vi, or nano visudo.
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23 May 2009 at 08:24 - Comments