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Step by Step to Combat Malicious Code Attacks

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In the previous discussion, overview, explanations and solutions malicious code, we already know the definition and types of malicious code and how to prevent this attack with simple solutions. In this discussion, we will discuss how step by step to combat malicious code attacks.


As Administrator or user, we should understand how basic steps contribute to the goal of countering malicious code attacks. See following list below for detail instructions how to combat malicious code. … continue reading : Step by Step to Combat Malicious Code Attacks.

3 August 2009 at 16:43 - Comments

Overview, Explainations and Solutions of Malicious Code

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In this discussion, we will provides an overview of malicious code and explain the basic principles of how malicious code works. Malicious code is simply one of an attacker tools to penetrate or disrupt systems. So, when a malicious code attack occurs, administrators will be focus on restoring operations as quickly as possible so that the loss of productivity and or other types of impact can be minimize.


If we understanding how malicious code works can help to develop defensive strategies, select the best security product such as antivirus program or firewall and train employees on how to identify potential threats. We will explain the various types of malicious code that have caused computer users problems in the past. … continue reading : Overview, Explainations and Solutions of Malicious Code.

3 August 2009 at 14:24 - Comments