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Hardening Linux Server part 2 : Advanced Linux Security

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In the previous discussion, Hardening Linux Server part 1: Physical Access Security was discussed how to improve physical access security in the Linux server. In this discussion will be discussed more detail in the side of Linux itself.


The “root” account has no security restrictions, for this reason we must know what we are doing and never login with this user unless it’s absolutely an instance that necessitates root access. The first thing to be done to improve security the Linux server, it’s configure users profile, especially the super user “root”. It’s sometimes and even often happens is delete file when we log in as “root”. So, we need to modifications of the “rm” command, like show in script following bellow. … continue reading : Hardening Linux Server part 2 : Advanced Linux Security.

5 July 2009 at 17:28 - Comments