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Artofdefence Hyperguard Vulnerability

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Hyperguard is a latest-generation enterprise Web application firewall with attack detection and attack protection functions that are freely configurable. Hyperguard enables centralized security monitoring, reporting and alerting and provides custom protection for your Web applications against external attacks. Hyperguard is a software-based web application firewall that is intended to be installed directly on the web server to be protected. It acts as a plugin that integrates into the web server.


Hyperguard has a modular design that enables different components to be operated on different servers and therefore work in cluster environments. It is for example possible to protect several web servers using multiple instances of Hyperguard on different machines while all configuration and monitoring can be done on a single master host. Hyperguard is divided into three components. … continue reading : Artofdefence Hyperguard Vulnerability.

3 July 2009 at 17:15 - Comments