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Virtualmin Multiple Vulnerabilities

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Virtualmin is one of the famous web hosting management or web server control panel based on Webmin. It’s offers a wide array of productivity enhancing tools for hosting providers, web developers, web designers and end users. With Virtualmin, we can manage our virtual domains, mailboxes, databases, application and entire server resources from one comprehensive interface.

In July 14, 2009, Filip Palian has discovered multiple vulnerabilities, such unprivileged port use, cross side scripting / xss, anonymous proxy, information disclousure and symlink attacks. … continue reading : Virtualmin Multiple Vulnerabilities.

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Problem and Solution : Cross Site Request Forgery ( XSRF )

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Cross Site Request Forgery ( XSRF ) is a type of attacker technique with malicious code to exploit of a website or web application where by unauthorized commands are transmitted from a user that the website trusts. Attacker use a user that the website trusts with technique cross domain vulnerability, see detail at web based application and basic cross domain security. Cross Site Request Forgery also known as a one click attack or session riding and abbreviated.
… continue reading : Problem and Solution : Cross Site Request Forgery ( XSRF ).

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