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Tips and Tricks to Protect and Store Password

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Password are the keys we use to access personal information that we’re stored on our computer and in our online accounts. So it’s very important for our privacy. Therefore, we must not give our password to anyone and write to anything that can be accessed by anyone.


In this discussion, we will talk about how to properly protect our password. This discussion is called : tips and tricks to protect our password. We hope this discussion, we can manage our account more safe and secure.


We always remember, don’t store our password in the clear text. If we do it, our account and password will be easily stolen other people. The best solution for this problem, we store account and password using a one way algorithm. With this technique, the hash value of our password can’t be reserved to decrypt. We can use MD5 or SHA1 to hash our account and password. Others solution, we can use a salt to hash our account or password. To salt a password, we append a random string of bits to the plaintext password and hash the result. Then, we store the salt the hash, so that it can be used by the authentication routine.


One tips to manage our password, using the same password and adding a unique text, across multiple website is a recipe for disaster. For example, we have standard password : ‘ABCD’, in the site, our password : ‘ABCD_thecrackcom’ and other variations.


Other tips and tricks to manage our password, store our password on the web, such as Passpack. It’s a free secure web based password manager, we create a user ID and master password for it, along with a special packing key.




Others tips and tricks to stop anyone viewing our password is stored it in Firefox. We’ll need to set a master password. So to do, open Firefox Tools – Options menu, Click Security and select ‘Use a master password and enter the password we want to use.




One of the ways to manage password is store passwords in RoboForm. With RoboForm, encrypts and stores all our passwords and form data and can enter them automatically. RoboForm is free to use but RoboForm Pro edition is available with extra feature.






Mohamad Widodo

Mohamad Widodo

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